A unique vocation

The terroir represents a very important element for a wine. You can define how all those features which give the area connotations and well defined, it is not simple chemical composition of the soil. There is talk of average temperatures during the year of the moisture of a place, the thermal excursions between night and day especially during the summer in phase of maturation, details that differentiate a zone from another.

Our  wine has its origin in the countryside of San Miniato where the climate is characterized by strong variations, detail that allows the area to be particularly suited to viticulture, making the maturation of our grapes slow and constant, with an elegant final result. To complete the climate framework of San Miniato (the ideal) there are not too abundant rainfall and the constant ventilation.

The hills on which lie the vineyards of Agrisole are exposed to the south and south-west and are characterized by a ground very inhomogeneous and deep. The prevalence of clay with varying shades of tufa rock and sand makes these soils are very rich in water, avoiding water stress even in years when more difficult. All this, combined with a strong presence of marine fossils, gives rise to wines very mineral and savory. Those are exactly the details that constitute the terroir, what gives character to wine and it tells his story, made of habits and uses, tastes and flavors, nuances and suggestions. Because a wine can never do not speak of itself and of the territory in which it is born and in which it is developed with the inexorable passing of the years.

The wines we produce to Agrisole are precisely this harmonious, narratives of the life of an area dedicated to viticulture for centuries, fora would be more true to say always, an area that without this marriage would not be the same, despite its indisputable charm.