Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Type: Extra virgin olive oil.

Cultivars: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Grassaio and Mignola.

Harvest: at the end of October we do the harvest manually with the help of pneumatic olive harvesters. Once harvested, the olives are placed in small boxes to be transported to the oil press machine within 24 hours of collection. Our olives are pressed continuously with temperatures below 27 ° C.

Our farm is in conversion to obtai the organic certification and our oil will be certified as biologic extra virgin olive oil from next year

Conversion factor: it is the measure of the relationship between a liter of olive oil and a kg of olive oil. The result is 1liter of oil = 0.920 kg of oil

Tasting notes: Oil light gold color with greenish shades the slightly mellow, well balanced and aromatic.

You can buy our extra virgin olive oil directly at our wine store beside our wine cellar or on our ecommerce website https://www.foodfromtuscany.com/shop/

Watch the video to know how we make it!