Our history

Agrisole was born from the passion for the land, precisely in 2003, when Concetta and Gerardo decide to buy a house in the countryside of San Miniato. A passion shared by the whole family that decides to use renewable energy and ideas for his business. 

2004 is the year of the first vinification and SanMiniatello, first Agrisole wine, a Chianti that tells the story of San Miniato and of its terroir. Detail that with time becomes the force of this farm.

Agrisole represents the territory and the precious environmental heritage of San Miniato, of his land and its hills. Every bottle speaks of this. 

To make valuable company of the family Caputo is an ambitious project conceived by Federico, youngest son of Concetta and student of oenology, together enologist Falsini Emiliano: use and exploit exclusively native vines. Project that strengthens even more the bond between Agrisole and his land.

Time passes and the company grows also in welcoming Fabio, other son of Concetta and Gerardo, that each day is dedicated to projects and new ideas to make ever better their activities.

Agrisole not has the objective of making the best wines of the world, but has at heart the terroir and the authenticity of its productions which must express the essence and quality. 

Philosophy and method

A philosophy of people who love the earth, in all its nuances. The earth that needs constant love of workings in the right way, at the right time, passion. For Agrisole agricolture is love for life and a better future. 

Moved from the outset by the quest for quality and naturalness, in company has always favored a manual processing, following in a personal manner all its phases, from the planting of new vineyards, the sale.

The goal is always the production of natural wines, in the respect of the environment and of people. Its management is organic, the fertilizing are represented only by sovesci, chemical treatments are reduced to a minimum and it favors a careful management of the plants.

From 2011, after a careful massale selection of its old vineyards, Agrisole cultivates only native varieties, with the purpose of further exploit them and counteract their extinction.
Thanks to all this 
his wines are linked closely to the territory in which they are born.

 The wine is the poetry of earth (…)