Vinitaly 2018

Vinitaly 2018

In April, Verona returns to the spotlight with Vinitaly 2018, the international wine exhibition of the world of wine.

Vinitaly 2018 is not just wines and wine tasting but it is passion, curiosity, fun. Vinitaly 2018 is an experience to live!

So, let’s see how to do it best!


Verona – Veronafiere, Viale del Lavoro 8

Vinitaly 2018 date

From Sunday 15th April 2018 to Wednesday 18th April 2018 with open hours from 09.30 to 18.00. Admission allowed up to 17.00 except for Wednesday 18, the day on which admission will be allowed until 16.00

Vinitaly tickets

Entrance is exclusively allowed to adult trade operators such as: wine producers, wine merchant, winemaker, GDO, bar, restaurants, hotels, catering, wine stores, wine bar, sommelier, etc. and others. Check the total list

Vinitaly 2018 price

Daily ticket € 80 – online purchasing € 85

“4 days” subscribe ticket € 145 – online purchasing € 150

Tickets for visitor with certified disabilities: Visit the dedicated section

How to get to Vinitaly 2018

Vinitaly 2018 wine exhibition

To reach the wine exhibition, our personal advice is to use the public transport such as bus and shuttle services and leave your car to parking Verona like the Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium (parking free), Parking Adigeo (10 € per day), Cattolica Center (€ 10 per day).


Below some useful links for Verona transfer:


 Vinitaly 2018 Where to stay in Verona

During Vinitaly it is not so easy to find where to stay in Verona because of the high number of visitor that the wine exhibition recalls in the city. Don’t worry, the offer is no lacking and it is possible to find a perfect Verona accommodation. According to your needs, here are some alternatives:

Hotel Verona (city center)

  • Hotel Verona (city center) – for those who decide to go to Verona by train, for those who want the comfort of hotels and want to be both close to the wine exhibition and visit Verona with all its attractions in addition to Vinitaly. Some examples for your sightseeing Verona: Verona Arena, Piazza Bra, Castelvecchio, places of Romeo and Juliet story like Juliet’s House and Romeo’s House, Piazza delle Erbe, and much more. You can’t forget “Vinitaly and the City” that takes place from 13 to 16 April to preview the magical atmosphere that fills Verona at Vinitaly.

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This is the great solution and it is full of advantage but it also requires an adequate budget


 Apartments for rent

  • Apartments for rent and b and breakfast – If you prefer the comfort of house and you have time only for Vinitaly, our suggestion is to choose as Verona accomodation an apartments for rent or a b and breakfast in the neighboring areas of the city center or even in nearby locations like Lazise, ​​Peschiera del Garda, Villafranca di Verona and others. This is a smart way to enjoy beautiful landscapes such as Lago di Garda. To reach Vinitaly from Villafranca di Verona and Peschiera del Garda you can the highway A4 / E70. From Lazise you can reach Vinitaly by the highway SP5 and the highway Statale 12. You can leave your car at the following cheap car parking: Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium (parking free), Parking Adigeo (10 € per day), Cattolica Center (€ 10 per day).

Remember!! This choice requires: wake up early in the morning to avoid a terrible traffic, have a good organization and … a lot of patience!


Vinitaly 2018 Best restaurants in Verona

For those who don’t have it in hotels or b and breakfast, where to have breakfast in Verona? Where to go for lunch and where to have dinner? During Vinitaly restaurants often are sold out even before the wine exhibition starts: a lot of tourism fills Verona during all of Vinitaly, many companies book from year to year, some restaurants unfortunately are not recommended. Therefore it’s very hard to find something good but it is not impossible! So, don’t worry!! In addition to the classic Top ten of the best restaurants in Verona we want to recommend you according to our experience! Our suggestions soon available!


Vinitaly 2018 awaiting the future

For somebody it is duty, for others it is job, for others it is still habit but for most people Vinitaly is pleasure, discovery, love and fun for the world of wine.

The world of wine is constantly evolving thanks to innovation and changes and it is wonderful because nothing is predictable. Let’s discover together what are the main trends for Vinitaly 2018 inspiring by an interesting article published in January by Vinitaly Wine Club:


  • The contradict of Vino Rosato

Lovers acclaim Vino Rosato and are always looking for new label that give new emotions, but the   restaurants declares a certain difficulty in proposing it. It does not depend on us determine where is the truth but we hope that the trend, growing in 2017 and stable today, will grow more and become the protagonist in the coming years


  • Organic with style

Organic farming and biodynamic agriculture continue to grow and spread also involving the world of wine. The “Bio” grows as a true lifestyle that enhances organic wine where the approach to respect for the environment and nature make a positive difference between the wine farms realities of our country.


  • Sangiovese: forward all!

One of the most appreciated wines in 2017 was Sangiovese, the undisputed king of Tuscany and Romagna, but today also to be considered as important national wine. New trends of Sangiovese in 2018? Certainly to drink it in purity to fully appreciate its predominant characteristics and to be pleasantly surprised by its refinement and its elegant taste.

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Starting from these trends we want to advise you in planning your visit. Drink original and discover the Italian wine heritage:

Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Malvasia Nera and Colorino in purity to fully enhance each vine according to its main characteristics. Softness and hardness well balanced to give maximum personality and unique taste to each bottle. Each vine amazes in its own way with determination and authentic taste.

Book the “Monovarietali” wine tasting of Podere Pellicciano Agrisole and let yourself be surprised!

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Among the news of this year, realized for you in December Mafefa Rosato 2017Vino Rosato: Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo for a wine with a cherry pink color, hints of red fruits and perfume to be appreciated.

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